Shivers Frozen Custard

Welcome to Shivers Frozen Custard

What is frozen custard?

Like ice cream, but... not?

Frozen custard is similar to ice cream, but differs in ways so significant that the FDA puts a quality standard on frozen treats in order to be called "frozen custard."

Creamy as it gets!

You'll notice frozen custard is creamy and sits well with your body. Made with the addition of eggs, cooked, and frozen with no air as an ingredient like ice cream, frozen custard is made with attention to detail.

Made fresh... every hour!

We make all of our frozen custard fresh in store. Even better, it's made fresh every hour! Each batch of our frozen custard is made from dairy straight from the farm, never stored.

Voted #1 Ice Cream


We love our customers, and they've been kind enough to vote us the best ice cream in the area 4 years in a row!

Thank you!

Unique Desserts


At Shivers we make all of our frozen custard flavors fresh in store. We also only source the best ingredients and toppings, whether we make them fresh in store, from local providers, or importing from abroad. 

Made with love, topped with a smile!


Your dessert is made by a caring employee whos one purpose is to create an experience you'll enjoy. You'll find us inspecting each dessert made by our peers to make sure only the best reaches your hand. If it doesn't make the cut, we'll make you a new one, no questions asked!

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