Shivers Frozen Custard

Flavor of the Day

December's Flavor of the Day List

  1. Mint Chip -  Creme de menthe frozen custard loaded with milk chocolate chunks.
  2. Cookies n' Cream -  Our original creamy vanilla frozen custard mixed with milk's favorite cookie, the Oreo.
  3. Strawberry Dream Cake - White cake batter frozen loaded with cake pieces and swirled with homemade strawberry sauce.
  4. Deer Tracks -  Our vanilla frozen custard, loaded with Reese's peanut butter cups, and swirled with chocolate fudge.
  5. Blackberry -  Blackberries never tasted so good than in this refreshing flavor of blackberry custard mixed with real blackberries.
  6. Lemon Cake - Delicious Lemon frozen custard swirled with a Cream Cheese Icing frozen custard, and then loaded with real pieces of lemon cake.
  7. Texas Cake - Chocolate cake batter frozen custard loaded with our roasted pecans, and swirled with chocolate fudge icing.
  8. Mint 'n Bites - Minty creme de menthe frozen custard loaded with cookie dough and brownie bites, and swirled with hardshell chocolate.
  9. Gingerbread Cookie - Our delicious gingerbread frozen custard loaded with real gingerbread cookies.
  10. Andes Chocolate Cake  - Rich chocolate cake batter frozen custard layered with mint flavored frozen custard, loaded with Andes candy pieces.
  11. Groundhog -  Vanilla frozen custard swirled with chocolate fudge, and loaded with brownie bites.
  12. Pistachio Nut -  Wonderful pistachio frozen custard sprinkled with shelled pistachios.
  13. Chocolate Malt - That chocolaty malted goodness you've come to love, made from real malted milk.
  14. Peppermint Bark  - Pink Peppermint frozen custard swirled with hardshell chocolate and sprinkled with white chocolate chips.
  15. Butter Pecan -  Our original buttered frozen custard loaded with Shivers' famous roasted pecans.
  16. Lemon Ripple Cheesecake - Delicious cheesecake frozen custard swirled with lemon cream.
  17. Tiramisu - Espresso and mascarpone cheese frozen custard flavors layered with coffee dipped lady finger cookies and sprinkled with real ground cocoa. 
  18. Chocolate S'mores - Our rich and creamy chocolate frozen custard, made from real cocoa, swirled with melted marshmallow, and loaded with milk chocolate chunks and graham cracker pieces.
  19. Mocha Brownie - Espresso frozen custard made from freshly ground Kaldi's Coffee beans, swirled with our rich chocolate frozen custard, and loaded with chocolate fudge swirls and brownie bites.
  20. Cool Cookie - Our delicious crème de menthe frozen custard, loaded with Oreos.
  21. Gold Rush - Golden yellow cake batter loaded with cookie dough bites and swirled with rich hardshell chocolate.
  22. Peppermint White Chocolate - Pink peppermint frozen custard swirled with white chocolate frozen custard.
  23. Cookie Dough -  Our creamy vanilla frozen custard, loaded with cookie dough bites, and sprinkled with milk chocolate chunks.
  24. Closed for Christmas - Shivers will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Happy Holidays!
  25. Merry Christmas - We hope you enjoy the day with family and friends! Merry Christmas!
  26. Almond Joy -  Sweet Coconut frozen custard loaded with crunchy almonds and rich chocolate hardshell coating.
  27. Twix - Sweet caramel frozen custard swirled with hardshell chocolate coating and loaded with Twix candy pieces.
  28. Fudge Brownie Bite -  Our rich brownie batter frozen custard loaded with brownie bites, and swirled with chocolate fudge.
  29. New York Cheesecake -  Cheesecake frozen custard made with real cream cheese, swirled with chocolate fudge, and loaded with cheesecake bites.
  30. Snickers - Snicker crumbs and chocolate coating blended with our smooth vanilla frozen custard.
  31. Maple Bacon - Delicious maple syrup frozen custard, made with real maple syrup, loaded with bacon pieces.